unique themed birthday party ideas

We have some unique themed birthday party ideas for kids and for popular examples are Halloween theme and sport theme.

Haunted Night: Halloween Kid Birthday Party Ideas with Traditional Theme

What do you think about the Halloween kid birthday party ideas?, Are your children like the theme?. The Halloween ideas are a lovely idea. It will show many kinds of Halloween costume or uniform at the birthday party. I believe that your kids will love it. The Halloween party is the frightful fun party. The party will complete with fantastic big-eyed ghosts. You can also add smiling spider. The Halloween party will be fantastic with the combination of orange, green, and black.

Arranging Halloween Birthday Party

unique themed birthday party ideas | halloween costume party themes

Are you ready arranging the Halloween birthday party? Yeah, it is challenging. You can start arranging the table in the birthday place. You can try to put orange table cover. For making the beautiful view on the table, you can arrange cutlery on the table with spider web theme. Then, the table will be good looking.

For the napkin, you should fold the cool napkin and put a plastic cutlery inside the napkin. After that, you have to set the package in the beautiful curling ribbon.

Then, how about food at the Halloween party? It will be great if you provide candy corn with Halloween look. You should add rice crispy, chocolate, and melted orange. Then, you have to color them with suitable color into fantastic Halloween food.

You have to remember, for the theme, you have to combine two colors, orange and black. But, you still can add some little color, such as green, red, and so on. You also should put orange pumpkin touch on the table. You can use the pumpkin as the center piece.

What about the wall decoration? You can design the simple wall decoration. Of course, you can combine orange and black. The pumpkin design is good as the wall decoration.

These are the great information about the Halloween kid birthday party ideas. You can look for other Halloween ideas to get fantastic kid birthday party.

Sports Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Do you kids like sport? If your children like sport, you can consider the “sport” as birthday party theme. There are many kinds of sport. It means that you have to choose the particular one based on favorite of your kids. The sports themed birthday party ideas for kids will be fun ideas.

Preparations of Birthday Party with Sport Theme

sport themed birthday party ideas

One of the preparations for the boy birthday party is invitation card. Yeah, you have to design the card with the sports theme. The graphic of the card should be cool and sporty. Don’t forget to write time and day of the party.

It will be better if you hold the birthday in the outdoor. You can use your front yard or backyard. However, if you do not have the available outdoor, you still can hold the party indoor. Here, you should work hard to build the sports theme lives in the room. It is not easy. You need various decorations with the great arrangement.

Talking about the room decoration, you have to the most suitable color scheme. Of course, you have to suit it with kind of sport which you have chosen. You have to make sure that you combine the colors as good as possible. So, the atmosphere of the sport will come in the room.

Then, you can also add additional decoration, such as a balloon. You should choose it with the best colors (based on kind of sport). Don’t forget to draw on it. If your kids like basketball, you can choose the orange balloon and draw them with a black marker. If your children like baseball, you should choose the white balloons and draw them with a red marker. If your kids like the soccer ball, you should choose the white balloons and draw them with a black marker.

These are some preparation in applying the sports themed birthday party ideas for kids. You have to do the best preparation for your kids.

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