How To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes disease or often called diabetes is a disease due to a problem in the body’s metabolism, in which the problems occur in the pancreas organ because it cannot afford to do the production of the hormone insulin are sufficient for the body.
How To Prevent Diabetes
Signs of the emergence of diabetes or diabetes is often dehydrated, so it is very easy and often feel thirsty.

Other symptoms, the process of healing the wounds of the body very long, easily tired, and experience weight loss are not natural.

Experts give several factors that cause a person affected by diabetes, i.e. such as heredity, body too fat, like smoke, and frequently experience a State of stress and tense.

Find out ways to prevent the onset of diabetes on the body, it is important to know, here below:

Tips to prevent the emergence of diabetes

1. avoid smoking
Actually, the smoke isn’t just harmful in diabetes disease that attacks the body, however much damage from smoke inhalation is a very severe, namely heart disease and lung cancer.

Specific to the issue of diabetes, smoking can lead to a decreased ability of the body’s hormones to regulate the stability of blood sugar levels.

Based on research, smokers are at risk of experiencing higher diabetes disease up to 50% compared to those who are not smokers.

In fact, heavy smokers have a much higher risk again. So, it is important to immediately stop smoking avoid diabetes and many other diseases.

2. avoid body too fat
This factor becomes the cause of a person affected by diabetes, about 80% of diabetes experienced by overweight people experience.

In a study conducted by experts, there was found that adults who underwent obesity diabetes affected very risky.

So, by trying to lose weight can reduce the risk of diabetes, is attempting to avoid the very important body of fatness.

3. Good eating and healthy
When eating then try to choose healthy and varied menu, you will need to check the quality of the food and drink consumed.

Avoid food serving cepar and junk food. Avoid eating too much, too, if the body is already stuffed then stop eating, because it is very dangerous if forced continue eating.

Fill the actual intake of vitamin d. vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure, which works against the insulin sensitivity and secretion, preventing diabetes, and lower the risk of complications of the disease.

Vitamin D can also be retrieved from low-fat dairy, fish, and vitamin D supplements.

Avoid sugary drinks, high sugar drinks are very dangerous if consumed in large quantities.

Dilakuka research experts, there is a mention that’s just drinking more than a portion of sweet drinks each day, it can increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Demikia also with diet soda product, the same effect as bad with sweet drinks, so that really should be limited konsumsinya.

Then, eat vegetables because the benefits are great. Although experts disagree about the best foods to prevent diabetes, but they all agree that consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are beneficial for lowering the risk of diabetes.

Avoid (or at least limit) food consumption of trans fats, chemicals, and processed foods are also factory.

Remember, the food also causes diseases diabetes mellitus is candy, es campur, tart, etc.

4. the Diligent exercise
Things are also not less important is avidly exercising, it acts so that the sugar levels in the body can be useful for spreading the glucose to the body parts, in order to produce energy.

Physical activity is beneficial to lower blood sugar levels and increases sensitivity to insulin.

Research results show that the experts of the sport (such as aerobic exercise) help control diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association recommends for mild aerobic exercise like gymnastics or tennis half an hour each time the exercises, with a frequency of 5 times per week.

Or other sports such as running, jongging and such, which may issue sweat so healthy.

A study for 16 years by the Harvard School of Public Health, showed that the walk each day is able to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30%.

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