Easy Ways to Clean The Dirty Car Ceiling

How to Clean A Car Roof
How to Clean A Car Roof

CNPTIX – The part of the ceiling in the car or ceiling cabin, often becomes an unnoticed part. In fact, this section is also an important part in the aesthetic of the interior of the vehicle, in addition to the seat and dashboard.

How to Clean The Dirty Car Ceiling

This section is often missed to be cleaned which seems less important with the seat, door trim, or dashboard. Dust and exhaust fumes, being the largest contributor to dirt on the ceiling. Especially, for motorists who like to open windows that will further exacerbate the risk of car ceilings exposed to smoke and dust.

In fact that smoking habits in the car also contribute to the condition of the car’s interior, including the ceiling. Not only dirt, unpleasant smell can nest in the ceiling. Ideally, the ceiling treatment is done at least six months to keep the dirt away and the air quality in the cabin is maintained.

Clean The Dirty Car Ceiling

Some materials and equipment that must be prepared for cleaning the ceiling are also common, so it is easy to obtain such as soft brush, chamois cloth, tissue, dry cotton cloth, and ceiling cleaning fluid that can be purchased on the market.

Here are the steps to clean the ceiling:

  1. Check all parts of the ceiling and concentrate on the inherent dirt.
  2. Spray the ceiling cleanser spreading on the surface of the ceiling.
  3. Brush the surface slowly until the concentration of the dirt is split. When brushing, try not to be pressed too strong because it can damage the texture of the ceiling.
  4. Use a damp chamois cloth to remove part of the dirt. Wipe, remove and dry.
  5. Wipe with a tissue for the remaining debris left and pat gently with a tissue on the ceiling surface.
  6. Tissue can also be used to clean the sidelines of the ceiling surface. Usually new dirt will be more easily lifted.

That’s the simplest way to clean the interior of a dirty car ceiling, please visit AutoRace-AutoTruckRacing to get some car maintenance and modification tips.

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