Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes is a condition in which your body is storing too much sugar (glucose) in the blood. Glucose is the main source of a body as fuel or energy.

In contrast to women who have experienced gestational diabetes, in which the condition of diabetes only occurs while pregnant, some women already diagnosed with diabetes even before her pregnancy. And unlike diabetes gestational, after delivery, diabetes will not be lost.
Diabetes During Pregnancy
If you have diabetes and are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, doctors need to give extra attention to you. Pregnancy for a woman people with diabetes is very risky. This means you may experience complications during pregnancy, so doctors need to monitor you and your baby with extra.

Just because your pregnancy at risk, does not mean you are definitely affected by the problem. Your doctor need only pay attention to extra to your health and may work closely with other special doctors to help you live a healthy pregnancy.

Whether diabetes could cause problems for a baby?
Yes. However, women who have diabetes have an opportunity to have a healthy baby as great as women who do not have diabetes. But women people with diabetes need to control their blood sugar levels before and during pregnancy. Here’s why:

  • High blood sugar levels are harmful to the health of the baby during the first few weeks of gestational age because this time is the time when the brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs of infants began to form.
  • Babies born from mothers who suffer from diabetes tended to have the possibility of defects at birth, including a heart defect and defect of nerve tube if compared to the baby from the mother who does not have diabetes. The birth defect is a health condition that is present at the time the baby is born. Birth defects in the form of changing the form or function of one or more parts of the body. Birth defects can cause health problems as a whole, the development of the body, or body of work. The neural tube is part of the development of the brain and spinal cord.
  • The size of the baby can also be very large, about 4 kg or more. This makes the normal birth weight so more difficult and put the baby in the risk of injury during birth.
  • Women who have diabetes have the possibility of experiencing a miscarriage or infant born died compared to women who did not have diabetes.

How handling diabetes while pregnant?
The most secure diabetes treatment during pregnancy is insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body control blood sugar. Some people who have diabetes have difficulty responding to insulin and usually require other treatment.

The doctor together You can work together to make your insulin treatment plan.

  • If you are diabetic pills consuming, your doctor may change Your medications with insulin because diabetes pills are not recommended during pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy, some women suffer the person with diabetes is becoming less able to respond to insulin. This State is called insulin resistance. If you do not respond to insulin, you may need to change the type and amount of insulin you use.
  • When gestational age You gain, your body needs more insulin than in early pregnancy. You will probably need two or even three times as much insulin than you normally use.

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