5 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia


The island is always able to attract the attention of local and global tourists. Not a few person but also the world’s celebrities who choose Bali as their holiday destinations such as couple Ashton Kutcher – Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum – Jenna Dewan.

What are the interesting activities during honeymoon in Bali?. The couple must decide before, want to enjoy the beach atmosphere, rice fields or both? In Bali, you can do anythings. If you want to enjoy the beach atmosphere, Bali will not disappoint. A row of beautiful beaches on this island can you enjoy both, ranging from Kuta Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Nusa Dua Beach to Pandawa Beach. You can spend time with surfing, diving and snorkeling. Do not forget to end the day with a romantic dinner on the beach.

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations - Bali

Love the countryside atmosphere?, Ubud can be the right location for you and your soulmate. Here, you can start the day by riding a bike, stopping by the Monkey Forest, tasting Balinese culinary specialties and enjoying a warm cup of tea with views of the green hills from your room balcony.

Moyo Island

Very near from Bali, precisely in the area of ​​West Nusa Tenggara, you and your soulmate can choose Moyo Island as a dream honeymoon destination. Moyo Island began to be known since the hiding place of Princess Diana from paparazi pursuit.

Not too crowded and the nature is still very natural to be the reason you and your soulmate should enter this island into your honeymoon destination list. Here, there are resorts that provide special packages for newly married couples. Do not spend your time in the room alone. Encourage your soulmate to enjoy the beauty of Moyo Island. The beaches of this island are famous for its water clarity and natural beauty under the sea. Get ready to explore the beauty of Moyo Island waters. With diving and snorkeling, you can enjoy both moments also interact with the beautiful fish and coral.

Lombok Island

Lombok has many islands or commonly called the Gili. Gili-gili has a beautiful view. Among the many islands in Lombok, the most popular is the Gili Trio which consists of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. The three Gili offer their own beauty. With so many hotels and resorts built, you will have no trouble finding a place to stay. Islands hopping will be an exciting activity you can do besides diving and snorkeling.

Besides Trio Gili, Lombok also have Senggigi Island that is not less beautiful. The island is popular with magnificent sunset views. Spending the twilight time alone with a bright orange background would be very romantic.

Raja Ampat

The cluster of islands located at the end of the ‘bird’s head‘ of Papua can be called a heaven of the world. Raja Ampat consists of four main islands namely Bantata, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo as well as beautiful small islands in the vicinity.

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Raja Ampat

According to experts, about 75% of the world’s underwater species exist in the waters of Raja Ampat. So wonder, if your favorite activities here are diving and snorkeling. Surfing and sailing also become a lot of activities done by tourists who come here.

In addition to water activities, you and your soulmate can also visit the tourist village, one of which is Sauwandarek Village. This small village is occupied by only a few dozen heads of families. You can take a walk around the village and buy unique handicrafts made directly by the residents such as hats and bags from pandan leaves.

Bunaken Marine Park

As an underwater park, Bunaken of course rely on the potential underwater that is really beautiful. Dive here, you can get in touch with the colorful fish and beautiful rocks. You can also do pre-wedding photo shoots in Bunaken waters. Some couples already do it by wearing a complete full suit.

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